Dual Shaft Universal PCB Board Holder Fixture

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Dual Shaft Universal PCB Board Holder Fixture

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MiJing K23 Dual Shaft Universal PCB Board Holder Fixture


  • Genernal mobile phone maintencance fixture, rotary fixed design, no rebound, fixed firmly! The design has three adjustable distances.

  • Prevent clamps from moving during use, special anti-skid pad, in order to allow heating. Let the hot air can be discharged more efficienty. Add heat sink to botton of clamp.

  • Rotary shaft locks the motherboard or IC more efficienty, Fixed well without rebound.

  • Fixture also support IC type fixtures fixed for removal of back glue, the clamp is designed to bear the force of IC beam, which can hold up the empty parts of IC well and aovid the IC breaking when removing black glue.

  • The fixture can be adjusted at difference distance from the high, middle and low levels. It's necessary to loosen the two screw as the bottom, move the fixing plate to the appropriate gear position, and then tighten the bottom screws to lock it.

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